A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Oh wait, that’s not me, that’s the beginning of Star Wars. Shame, it really sounded like my life. So, here’s the basic information ABOUT ME:

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1964 (no I do not remember the Beatles tour). Currently living in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Queensland. That’s still in Australia. Not too many kangaroos where I live, but plenty of other fauna and I’m right beside the Brisbane river.

I come from Greek and Australian parents, although I think my Mum may have thought I was adopted. Hey, every family needs a black sheep, or weirdo!

I am interested in lots of topics, for example:




Human Performance

Exercise Physiology

Ancient Mythology

Quantum Physics

Palaeontology (I’m almost old enough to study myself now!

Psychology and Behaviour

Internet Marketing

and the science of Pizza Toppings 🙂

Books are my main addiction. I read between 3 and 10 books per week, thank you Amazon Kindle 🙂

Please note, I am by no means an expert in any of these fields, but I do have a burning desire to understand why I am here, and what this (life & existence) is all about. While other kids were playing football and cricket I was nerding-out in the local library. No Google in my early days – not even a personal computer.

Another reason for my studies came about because of my two earliest memories, depression and insomnia. Tried all sorts of techniques to remedy those issues and here I am today in my 50’s still experiencing depression and insomnia. I’ve stopped beating myself up about these conditions and have accepted them as part of my personal package. I am much happier when I’m being less self-judgemental.

Friends often ask me for advice on health, fitness and personal issues and I love to share information. So here I am on the interweb. I’ll be posting all sorts of topics to do with self improvement and becoming a better person. Categories may include, physical health, nutrition, exercise, psychological and mental health and the occasional weird science tip.

Warning: I am not a doctor or medical professional, whilst I take the time to research in depth, the information shared on www.onepercentextra.com is for educational and fun purposes only. Seek competent medical or psychological advice and do your own research.